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Kent Colgrove

Vice President Full Draw Archery

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My wife and I started Full Draw Archery in May of 1996 when we purchased a bait and tackle shop that also sold archery equipment. My passion was in archery and bowhunting and by the end of the first year we had converted over to strictly archery sales. After a couple of years we realized there was better pricing available with the power of a buying group. With ARRO we found a large group of like-minded business people with a serious love for archery. Along with these similarities we also found the strength of the groups buying power added dollars to our bottom line and enhanced our reputation with our manufacturers. Not everyone can belong to ARRO, but if you qualify you are quickly recognized as a retailer on solid financial footing and part of the “cream of the crop”. As a Board of Directors member, my goal is to continue ARRO’s reputation of providing the best products in the industry to our member at prices that will help keep them profitable. I am also committed to providing our supporting manufacturers with high quality retail members who represent their product well to the consumer and pay their bills on time, every time.

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