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Photo of Will Moulton
Will Moulton
President Mouldy’s Archery

I’ve been fortunate to work at our family owned and operated archery pro shop since 1987. The great sport of archery and bowhunting has been an addiction of mine my entire life. I believe archery pro shops are the lifeblood of the archery industry. I’ve instructed hundreds of school classes, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church groups, 4H groups and birthday party’s over the years. I enjoy working with kids they are the future of our industry. Archery dealers face many challenges, one of them is to make sure you are buying products that your customers want at the best price possible. We have been ARRO members for over 30 years. Being an ARRO member gives our shop the buying power we need to get the best price possible. By attending the annual ARRO Hot Show, I also network with other ARRO members to discuss ways we can improve our shops. Every year we’ve discussed advertising, pricing, hot products, employees and many other topics that can benefit our shops. I look forward to serving on the ARRO board and working to make all of our shops more profitable.

Kent Colgrove
Vice President Full Draw Archery

My wife and I started Full Draw Archery in May of 1996 when we purchased a bait and tackle shop that also sold archery equipment. My passion was in archery and bowhunting and by the end of the first year we had converted over to strictly archery sales. After a couple of years we realized there was better pricing available with the power of a buying group. With ARRO we found a large group of like-minded business people with a serious love for archery. Along with these similarities we also found the strength of the groups buying power added dollars to our bottom line and enhanced our reputation with our manufacturers. Not everyone can belong to ARRO, but if you qualify you are quickly recognized as a retailer on solid financial footing and part of the “cream of the crop”. As a Board of Directors member, my goal is to continue ARRO’s reputation of providing the best products in the industry to our member at prices that will help keep them profitable. I am also committed to providing our supporting manufacturers with high quality retail members who represent their product well to the consumer and pay their bills on time, every time.

Mark Wagner
Treasurer Archery Field & Sports

After being born, my parents didn’t take me home… they took me to the archery store. I feel it’s an understatement to say archery is my passion… rather, it’s in my blood. My father, (the late) Erv Wagner, had been a proud ARRO member since the organization began. After his passing, I was honored to take his place on the ARRO Board. As owners of Archery Field & Sports in Des Moines, IA, my family knows how important the ARRO organization is to the success of our family-run business.  Being part of the younger generation of the organization, not only do I strive to continuously improve my knowledge of the evolving industry/products, but I am eager to protect fellow retailers against low online selling.

Richard Johnson

I fell in love with the sport of archery when I started shooting at the age of 5. Like any child, I wanted to do what my parents were doing, and that was shooting archery. My father has multiple world championships and Olympic Medals, so that sums up where my passion for archery began. I started my archer career over 20 years ago when I started working at the family archery range, and quickly moved up the ranks to running Halls Arrow. I developed a true passion for all the different styles of archery, whether target archery and hunting. I’ve also become an Instructor the CT State Conservation Department, Level 3 Instructor for US archery, and a Judge for the NFAA. I quickly agreed to become a ARRO board member after our long standing relationship with ARRO. ARRO has been an extreme important part of the success of Hall’s Arrow, and I look forward to giving back to the group and making our businesses more profitable.

Tom Wilcox
Director Wilcox Bait & Tackle

I am proud to be working in our family business that my parents started in 1954. I grew up in the business and for many years fishing and hunting equipment, bait, guns, and ammo were primarily what we offered. It was not until years later that we became involved in the archery business. Archery was a whole new dimension to the sporting goods we already provided. Since then I have spent a good part of my life building our archery business. I have developed a passion for archery and have enjoyed helping others to get involved with the sport.  I am a firm believer that kids are the key to the future success of the archery industry.

I have been an ARRO member since 1996 which has truly been the best decision I have ever made. ARRO enables independent dealers to be more competitive by giving the dealer the buying power needed to purchase products for the best possible price. Being an ARRO member and attending the ATA show keeps me informed of new products and provides me with the profit margins I need to be a successful archery dealer. I look forward to doing all I can for all ARRO members through my service on the board.

Martin Stubstad
Director Archery Headquarters

Having operated an Archery Pro Shop for over 39 years, I still look forward each day to opening the doors. I was a special education teacher for 13 years until retiring in 1989. Teaching archery is my sole profession now. I have been an MBEP instructor for over 30 years and have helped hundreds of kids to become bowhunters. I have reached out to my community as their archery instructor. All elementary, junior and senior high schools, girl scouts, cub scouts and boy scouts and hundreds of birthday parties have become informed that Archery Headquarters is the educator of archery. I have been with many State and local organization as a Board member or chairman to better wildlife habitat. My greatest accomplishment is finding the women I married and my archery business. My greatest concerns are continuing to make a good profit in my business and maintaining our hunting heritage. The archery dealer is the backbone that really supports this great sport. By belonging to ARRO and ATA it gives me the best chance to continue my business. I operate my business to make a living.
I belong to ARRO to continually educate and profit my business. Joining ARRO and attending the ATA trade show gives me first hand knowledge of the ever-changing consumer products and provides me with the best profit margins.

Carrie Hookstead

I began my journey in archery in 1995 when my husband and I opened the shop, driven by our love for the sport and desire to share it with others. As a certified archery professional through USA Archery, S3DA, and 4H superintendent for Rock County, I worked to grow the sport of archery in our area. Born into a hunting family, my passion for archery was nurtured from a young age. However, it wasn’t until I met my husband that I was invited to join hunting trips. Since then, I have been captivated by the sport and have embarked on hunting adventures in various locations, including Africa, several western US states and my favorite of all, my home state of Wisconsin. Not only am I committed to our customers, but also to the success of our fellow independent dealers. When I discovered ARRO, I saw an opportunity to be part of an organization that truly supports and empowers independent retailers. After learning of the ARRO programs, we wished we had joined sooner! I am honored to contribute to ARRO’s mission of helping dealers become more profitable and remain focused on seeking out the best products, programs, and prices to benefit the retailer members.

Photo of Deb Colgrove
Deb Colgrove
Administrative Director/Executive Secretary

I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a hunter and have a passion for the outdoors and archery.  As a co-owner of a retail store and a member of ARRO since 2000, I understand the importance of what the buying group has done for me in my personal situation as a member retailer.  My goal as the Executive Secretary is to reach out to manufacturers. Create a positive relationship, which in turn will benefit ARRO member’s everyday as we compete with the basement bandits, internet sales and box stores.  As a retailer like you, I want to make your paperwork life as easy as I can.  In order for us to increase our dividends, we have to keep our costs down in the office, find time saving ways that will help increase that bottom dollar that comes back to you, the member, in the form of a dividend.

ATA Board Member 2017-present

Nancy Robeson
Accounts Payable

I was previously the Events Director for a non-profit association, so I know what it means to work for the needs of many members in many locations.  I came to ARRO in 2018 on the accounts receivable side however I quickly learned all areas of ARRO’s central billing office.  When the opportunity arose, I moved over to accounts payable position.  I am in contact with our manufacturers on a daily basis, working with them to improve the efficiency of the invoicing process, by encouraging electronic transmission of data. This will in turn speed the process of delivering invoices to you, the retailer to get items priced and ready for sale.  My goal is to improve our processes in the office and have ARRO run “smarter not harder”.  I also have a strong knowledge of Microsoft Office products and would be happy to help with designing brochures or flyers that you may want for your business.

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