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Nancy Robeson

Accounts Payable
Work Phone: 608-835-9060

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I was previously the Events Director for a non-profit association, so I know what it means to work for the needs of many members in many locations.  I came to ARRO in 2018 on the accounts receivable side however I quickly learned all areas of ARRO’s central billing office.  When the opportunity arose, I moved over to accounts payable position.  I am in contact with our manufacturers on a daily basis, working with them to improve the efficiency of the invoicing process, by encouraging electronic transmission of data. This will in turn speed the process of delivering invoices to you, the retailer to get items priced and ready for sale.  My goal is to improve our processes in the office and have ARRO run “smarter not harder”.  I also have a strong knowledge of Microsoft Office products and would be happy to help with designing brochures or flyers that you may want for your business.

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