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Martin Stubstad

Director Archery Headquarters

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Having operated an Archery Pro Shop for over 39 years, I still look forward each day to opening the doors. I was a special education teacher for 13 years until retiring in 1989. Teaching archery is my sole profession now. I have been an MBEP instructor for over 30 years and have helped hundreds of kids to become bowhunters. I have reached out to my community as their archery instructor. All elementary, junior and senior high schools, girl scouts, cub scouts and boy scouts and hundreds of birthday parties have become informed that Archery Headquarters is the educator of archery. I have been with many State and local organization as a Board member or chairman to better wildlife habitat. My greatest accomplishment is finding the women I married and my archery business. My greatest concerns are continuing to make a good profit in my business and maintaining our hunting heritage. The archery dealer is the backbone that really supports this great sport. By belonging to ARRO and ATA it gives me the best chance to continue my business. I operate my business to make a living.
I belong to ARRO to continually educate and profit my business. Joining ARRO and attending the ATA trade show gives me first hand knowledge of the ever-changing consumer products and provides me with the best profit margins.

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