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Retailer Membership Requirements and Cost

Membership Requirements
The applicant must be a legitimate retail operation in a retail location for the last three years and gross at least $125,000 in archery in each of the past three years. The credit ratings of the applicant must be excellent/prompt pay with current suppliers and any others we may inquire about. The membership application must be filled out in its entirety and sent to the A.R.R.O. office with the past three years of business financial statements and a personal financial statement. Pictures of the applicants store and financial statements must accompany the application for membership.

Membership Application: Membership Application

Purchase Agreement: Purchase_Agreement

Cost to Join
The annual membership dues are $400, payable on January 1 of each year. The first year of membership, a purchase of four shares of A.R.R.O. stock at $50 per share ($200) is required. Therefore, the initial cost to join is $600, and each year thereafter, annual membership dues are $400. A.R.R.O. will repurchase the stock at its par value should membership be dropped or terminated.

A.R.R.O. is controlled by seven Board of Directors, who are member dealers of A.R.R.O. The Executive Secretary manages the central office.

Patronage Dividends
At the end of each year, after expenses are covered and necessary cash reserves are in place, A.R.R.O. is required to distribute the remaining capital among members as cash patronage dividends. You not only save money on your purchases from participating manufacturers, but A.R.R.O. will give you a percentage of those purchases back at year end. For the past few years an average dividend to an average size retailer was in the amount of $1,600. The more you purchase from the participating manufacturers, the higher your dividends will be.

A.R.R.O. Hot Show
A.R.R.O. holds its own trade show each year. The Hot Show is held a day and a half before the A.T.A. Archery Trade Show, in the same location. At the A.R.R.O. Hot Show, the participating manufacturers offer the A.R.R.O. members additional savings on selected items from their product line. These prices are only offered on orders placed at the Hot Show. Our members are given a detailed listing of Hot Show items in advance so that they may plan their purchases. The Hot Show benefits the manufacturer and the A.R.R.O. member. It allows the manufacturer to be present with their products and take this opportunity to make sure our retailers are aware of their line, which opens the door for them to sell the remainder of their product line to our members on the yearly program. Our members are able to purchase best quality, top selling archery equipment at an excellent savings, and program these orders for shipment during peak season in most cases. All Hot Show ordering is done electronically by the members through the A.R.R.O. web portal found on the A.R.R.O. web page. Hot Show orders are not allowed to be canceled or modified without prior approval of the A.R.R.O. office and the manufacturer involved.

Travel Reimbursement
A.R.R.O. will reimburse a portion of travel expenses to its members who attend the Hot Show and our annual membership meeting. The member is required to purchase a set dollar amount of merchandise at the Hot Show and attend the annual membership business meeting to qualify for a $500 travel reimbursement. You not only buy at excellent prices but are paid for attending the show.

Guarantee Membership
The A.R.R.O. Board of Directors is so confident that you will be completely satisfied with your membership in A.R.R.O., that they will reimburse your membership dues in the amount of $400, if you are not satisfied with your membership within the first year of joining.

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